Naturopathy merges ancient traditional healing methods with modern scientific medical knowledge. It can complement conventional medical treatments or be used effectively on its own.

A Naturopath will use natural substances and modalities that act in harmony with the body’s self-healing ability. The emphasis is on building optimal well being. We recognize that all aspects of health are intricately related – physiological, structural, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental. We will work with you on all these levels to identify and address the underlying cause of your concern and to suggest appropriate interventions to help maintain optimal wellness.

This approach is a rewarding journey of self-exploration that requires the joint effort of both Naturopath and patient. Patients are empowered to take responsibility for their own health while receiving guidance from their Naturopath along the way.

Naturopathy in Quebec does not replace conventional medicine, but can be a complement to one’s health care with the ultimate goal of helping you along your path to optimal wellness.

I promise to take the time to listen to you, understand you as a whole person, and create individualized naturopathic plans that work for you.

As holistic health providers, we offer supportive and complimentary therapies that aim to restore balance and encourage your body’s natural ability to heal. Whereas we offer naturopathic evaluations, we do not claim to offer medical diagnosis or treatment.

Congratulations on taking this step on your path to wellness.

Before you meet Ilana, we ask you to first download the appropriate questionnaire – Adult New Patient Intake or Pediatric New Patient Intake – and bring the completed form with you to your visit.

The initial consultation lasts an hour and a half to two hours and includes a full naturopathic evaluation. The time is necessary to establish a detailed understanding of the various aspects of your life that may be affecting your well being. Follow-up visits are 30mins to an hour and allow for careful monitoring of ongoing naturopathic plans.

Visits are covered by most extended health care programs. Check with your insurance provider to determine the amount that is covered by your policy. Payment options include cash, personal cheques, and E-transfers. Please click fees for further details.

Naturopathic practice includes, but is not limited to:


“Food is the best medicine.”
For optimal wellness, it is integral to ensure that the body has the necessary building blocks. I will help you find the nutritional approach that is ideal for you and your needs. I also want to ensure that you are fully able to absorb all the nourishment your food has to offer. This may involve identifying possible food sensitivities and other digestive imbalances.
Holistic nutrition is about changing the way you approach eating for the long-term. We use whole foods and nutritional supplements to address deficiencies, assist the body in eliminating toxins, and stimulate healing.


We use whole plant botanicals, including herbal teas, tinctures and capsules, as vital elements to support the whole person. Herbal medicine has been proven safe and effective by scientific and clinical research.


How we perceive ourselves and the world around us can have a significant influence on our health. Belief systems and emotional blocks as well as daily stress can lead to physical and physiological symptoms and eventually to illness. Some of the tools we may use include stress management, visualization, meditation and breathing techniques to optimize healing. I encourage you to get beyond the symptoms to the underlying cause.


Homeopathy is based on the principle of “like cures like.” We use it to work on a subtle yet powerful energetic level, using minute amounts of a substance, and gently acting to strengthen the body.


In ‘water healing’, we use Earth’s most essential resource, and its various temperature gradients, to promote well being and strengthen and balance the neurological, hormonal, immune and cardiovascular systems.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

As naturopaths, we use several ancient systems of medicine including Traditional Chinese Medicine that harmonizes the flow of energy (Qi) in the body. It includes the use of Chinese botanicals and the energetics of food. (Ilana does not practice acupuncture in Quebec)

Ilana Block ND has undergone fully accredited programs and is licensed through one of the Canadian regulated jurisdictions. Naturopaths are licensed in several Canadian provinces as well as many American states. In order to become a Naturopath in a licensed jurisdiction, one must undergo a minimum of three years of pre-medical studies at university, followed by a four year full-time study in an accredited naturopathic school.

This program encompasses over 4,500 hours of training in the basic medical sciences, naturopathic principles and therapeutics and includes 1500 hours of supervised clinical experience. The program leads to licensure as a “Naturopath” (ND) after passing the North American Naturopathic Physician Licensing Examinations (NPLEX).

It is important to distinguish licensed Naturopaths from those who have completed no more than a short-term course, especially in unlicensed provinces such as Quebec, where Naturopathy is not yet regulated.

Ongoing continuing education and immersion in various healing modalities after graduation is also necessary in order to remain on top of new advances and research in the field.

The four-year program includes courses in Medical Sciences such as; Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology, Immunology, Histology, Laboratory Diagnosis, Differential Diagnosis, Physical and Clinical Diagnosis, Pharmacology, Radiology, Minor Surgery, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, and Obstetrics and Gynecology.

As well as Naturopathic Therapies such as: Homeopathy, Clinical Nutrition, Botanical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Counseling and lifestyle counseling, Hydrotherapy, Massage Therapy, and Naturopathic Manipulation.

The above describes the full Naturopathic training but note that certain practices cannot be performed by a Naturopath in Quebec as it is an unregulated province.